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HP Laptop Batteries

HP Laptop Batteries

At some point, your HP laptop may no longer be able to hold a charge, and it starts draining too quickly. This means that you always need to be close a power outlet if you want to continue working. Moreover, an old battery can also cause drops in performance and make your notebook much slower. When this happens, look for a replacement among HP laptop batteries. Before purchase, make sure you are choosing a compatible battery, and pay attention to some of its other features as well.


The capacity of a laptop battery indicates its estimated runtime. The more capacity a battery has, the longer it can power your HP laptop. When looking for a new battery, you can choose one with a higher watt hour or amp hour rating as long as you stay within HPs specifications for the model you have. You can determine whether a battery has more capacity than another battery by the number of cells. The more cells a battery has, the higher the capacity.

Know Your Laptop Model

HP has many different series of laptops, each one with their specific models. It does matter whether you are buying HP Pavilion batteries or HP Probook batteries. Before looking for a replacement battery, first determine the laptop model. You can find it on the laptop or written underneath it. If you buy the wrong battery, it might not even physically fit your computer.

Determine the Laptop Battery Part Number

To be on the safe side, you can try and match the laptop battery part number. With this unique identifier, you can detect the right battery unambiguously. You can acquire this information from your laptops system information, or remove the battery and read the number directly from there.

Choose a New Battery

Purchasing a used battery is not the wisest idea because it may not last for very long and may not provide the runtime that you need. In addition, purchasing an unused battery that has been lying on the shelf for too long, gathering dust, is not a good idea either. The date of manufacture should be no more than 18 months beyond its purchase date.