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HP Laptop Docking Stations

For laptop owners who want the benefits of a desktop computer, laptop docking stations are the solution. HP laptop docking stations let you take your portable HP laptop and effectively convert it into a stationary desktop with the features and advantages that come with it.

What Are the Functions of an HP Docking Station?

When HP laptops and notebooks are plugged into laptop docking stations, certain functions are enabled, like:

  • Peripherals Connection: Just as you would have speakers, printers and even computer monitors connected to a desktop, an HP docking station allows a quick connection to all these devices for your laptop.
  • Laptop Charger: With an HP laptop docking station there’s no need to worry about HP laptop power adapters, since the docking station is also able to charge the device.

What are Some Trade-Offs of HP Laptop Docking Station?

While they serve a useful purpose, there are some trade-offs to laptop docking stations, such as:

  • Compatible Laptops: It’s worth noting that docking stations only work with compatible laptops, so an HP elitebook docking station will only accept HP elitebooks.
  • Twin Displays: Not only can the docking station be attached to monitors, but you can use the monitor together with the laptop screen to then have two separate displays.