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HP Printers

HP is one of the largest names in technology. They produce computers and printers for business and personal use, and their printers come in three types: inkjet, laser and thermal. These range in price, with business printers being more expensive, as they produce a greater amount of pages. Features in HP All-In-One Computer Printers vary from HP Standard Computer Printers, which are more simple.

Home Printers Versus Business Printers

Home Printers can typically suit one's day-to-day life. For most people, that includes printing photos, letters and scanning documents. While some printers have a more specific function, others are able to do everything, and these are all-in-one computer printers. These can print, scan and make copies. Some can fax, while others can print an image in professional photo quality. Business printers have the objective of being low cost to print. While these models may include the added functionality of a scanner and photocopier, one of the top reasons for choosing a business printer is the low price-per-page printing.


Inkjet printers are more standard, traditional printers. They use ink, black and white and coloured, to print. These are also at a much lower price point than laser printers; however, depending on the volume of printing, laser may be a more cost effective option. Both All-In-One and standard computer printers are available in inkjet. Buyers should look at the features in the specific model, as they can widely vary.


Laser printers use toner, which produces excellent, sharp results very quickly. However, laser printers are at a higher upfront price point. Many businesses use laser printers because they work for a higher volume of use. Laser printers will not produce a high quality photo-like image, so people who need this typically use inkjet. Toner is less expensive than ink, so it produces a savings for people who print a great deal.


Thermal printers are another option that uses a different way of distributing ink. Thermal printers use heat to transfer or activate pigment, unlike inkjet printers that use droplets of ink directly on paper. Thermal printing cannot produce as wide of a colour range as inkjet printers, so high-quality photos are impossible. HP thermal printers are very dependable and produce durable results. People often use them for signs, labels and other kinds of large-scale visual markings.