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HSS Drill Bits

If you are someone like a construction worker, tradesperson or simply a home handyman, you will know the importance of having high-quality drill bits. While there are hundreds of different types of cheap drill bits on the market, buying them is never a good idea. As is the case with any tools, high-quality products are important to allow you to work efficiently and to do a good job. High speed steel (HSS) drill bits are among the best drill bits on the modern market. They generally use extremely high quality specifications, which means that they won’t snap or go blunt like cheaper ones would. When you buy HSS drill bits, you need to be aware of the many different types on the market.

Metal HSS Drill Bits

Metal HSS drill bits designed for the tough task of cutting straight through metallic objects. They can withstand the forces of metal on metal contact, and won’t heat up or warp with use. Make sure that you buy metal drill bits whenever you have to work on metal, or you will find the job extremely hard.

HSS Wood Drill Bits

You can also buy specialty HSS drill bits, whose designs make them ideal for use on wooden objects. These won’t heat up like some other types of bit can, which means that you can use them safely without causing any unnecessary fire risk.

Countersinking Drill Bits

Sometimes you will want to countersink a hole so that a screw doesn’t stick above your working surface. This can be done with a special type of drill bit known as a HSS countersinking drill bit.

Hole Cutting Bits

Sometimes all you want to do is cut a rough hole through a sheet of metal or plywood. If this is your aim, then consider buying a HSS hole cutter drill bit. With one of these, you will be able to cut as many holes as you need to in no time flat!