Immersive HTC Vive VR headsets

An exciting advancement in video games and apps, HTC Vive VR headsets offer a fully immersive experience. A step-up from smartphone VR headsets in terms of software and features, these VR headsets are created by HTC in collaboration with the game developers, Valve. 

What you'll experience

Drive F1 cars at breakneck speeds or launch into space as an astronaut, the possibilities with VR are truly endless. Plenty of free-to-play games let you get playing as soon as possible. Fight for your life as a gladiator in GORN, explore every street of our planet with Google Earth or experience your favourite movie locations with Disney Movies VR. 


These HDMI VR headsets attach to your head with fully adjustable straps and changeable foam inserts to keep you comfortable. A front-facing camera can be used to take elements from your real-life environment and add them to your game. 

The intuitive dual motion controllers are made specifically for VR use with realistic haptic feedback, easy to use gestures and 24 sensors for accurate and responsive motion tracking. Working alongside the sensors in the headset, the controllers make for an accurate gaming experience. 

The base stations offer 360 degrees of motion tracking for a wider play area, and wirelessly sync to the controllers and headset. SteamVR tracking lets you move around a 4x3 metre room whilst tracking your movement in-game. A Chaperone system lets you know where the boundaries are whilst the front-facing camera lets you easily get back to real life. 

The inner workings of these HTC VR headsets are what makes for an exciting gaming experience. The dual AMOLED 3.6 inch diagonal screen outputs 1080x1200 pixels per eye for truly impressive and believable visuals. A HDMI port on the headset lets you share what you're seeing with your friends, whilst the headphone jack and Bluetooth connectivity let you use your headphones.