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Before 2006, HTC was known as the designer of some of the world's most popular mobile phones, including smartphones, 3G, and touch devices. Since then, HTC has started going directly to market, selling Android and Windows devices under their own brand, and they've developed a reputation for creating customer experiences. Nowadays, you can buy technologically advanced phones and tablets that offer a range of applications and features. 

HTC smartphones are thin and lightweight that combine sophisticated style with the latest features like voice recognition, pressure sensitive buttons, liquid glass surfaces, rounded edges, touch feedback and water resistance. 

The Ultra U model includes an innovative audio sonic platform where earphones actually analyse your inner ear and adapt the sound to provide you with the optimal listening experience. Most models also feature the superior smartphone camera, one of the best in the market, with extra focus, less blur and brighter colours, and bigger pixels for better night photography. There's also a seamless connection with Alexa to allow you to access Alexa's services, including creating shopping lists, news updates, music and audiobooks. 

 The beauty of buying a HTC smartphone is that you get similar features to that of its competitors but without the extortionate price tag. With smartphones ranging from $100 to $450 on eBay, it's easy to grab a bargain while still achieving quality. 

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