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Hugo Boss Men's Clothing

A little-known fact is that Hugo Boss began with the focus of supplying military uniforms to the Nazi Party, but shifted operations to prioritise men’s clothing. Founded in 1924, it continues to produce quality reflective of German quality and style until the present. If you’re looking to spiff up your wardrobe with some new threads, look no further the apparel company that stood the test of time.

Men's Suits

The range of Hugo Boss suits consists of styles suitable for the reserved but discerning man. Choices range from regular-fit to slim-fit and regular cut suits, all bearing the signature single-breasted structured silhouettes. Notch lapels are also predominant, making them ideal for both casual and formal use. Buy a ready-made set or choose between the many jacket and trousers options if you wish to mix and match. The slim-fit Italian wool and silk suit is perfect for the office, while the Seersucker stretch cotton suit exudes style in its use of a light, textured, grey fabric perfect for business meetings.


If you want to casually tout classic German quality, Hugo Boss T-shirts offer excellent variety for those relaxed moments. On the other hand, dress shirts abound in designs like Houndstooth pink, classic cotton white, light blue. You can also choose between the reputable line of polo shirts for casual days out. Pair a regular-fit fine pique polo shirt with a beige jacket and light beige khaki trousers for that business casual look, or don a casual jacket over a slim-fit washed cotton polo shirt for the same effect.


What better way to complement your new wardrobe additions than to use the same brand of perfume or aftershave? Popular choices like Hugo Iced gives off a cold freshness that keeps you smelling good all night. The Bottled Tonic has a natural masculine fragrance that combines a sophisticated blend of citrus, woods, and spice notes.