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Hugo Boss Men's Wallets

Carry coins, cash and cards with style and sophistication with the help of Hugo Boss men's wallets, which feature sleek leather designs through to modern logo wallets.

The lifestyle brand is renowned for its luxury men's accessories and fragrances, as well as smart and sophisticated suits. Hugo Boss men's wallets are usually crafted from leather for a sleek and timeless design.

Smooth and soft leather and grained leather are always trendy and their wallets are often stamped with a subtle logo design.

Many men prefer a smaller or sleeker wallet as it easily fits into any jacket or trouser pocket, choose between a coin or card wallet, bifold wallet or a bigger trifold wallet. Whether you prefer to carry your coins with you, keep all your cards or just take your most important cards, there will be a wallet to suit your needs.

Coin Wallets

Keep your coins in order with the help of a simple coin wallet . Coin wallets often come in a simple zip top design with an open compartment to store loose change. The simple design offers a handy way to keep all your coins in one place to save them jingling about in your pockets.

Card Wallets

For those who don't mind a bit of loose change or who prefer to just carry cards, choose a card holder wallet. It is sleek and thin so is easy to carry in any pocket without adding any bulk. These wallets allow you to store your most important cards in an easy to access holder so you can grab your debit card or Oyster card as soon as you need it.

Trifold Wallet

Perhaps the most common type of wallet, the trifold wallet is a larger wallet with three fold-out compartments, including slots for cards, cash holders and usually coin pockets to store loose change.

It is often a more popular style with younger men and can often be a bit bulkier than other wallets, making it more suitable for keeping in jacket pockets rather than trouser pockets.

Bifold Wallets

A middle ground between the trifold wallet and card holder, the bifold wallet offers a sleek design with more storage than a card holder. The bifold has two sections and folds in the middle with both card and cash holders. It is often the most popular style of wallet as it provides ample storage without adding any bulk.

Some bifold wallets also feature zipped coin pockets to store any loose change, and also often have a clear pocket for storing ID. Bifold wallets easily fit into most back pockets and blazer pockets.