Haines Hunter

Haines Hunter Motorboats

Shop Haines Hunter motorboats for short boating cruises, fishing expeditions, or other leisure activities on the water. With both commercial and casual options, you can easily shop for NSW motorboats that are perfect for New South Wales, or choose boats from any other part of Australia. The versatility and durability of these boats provides you with plenty of choices.

Small Craft

Choose Haines signature motorboats for small crafts that are great for small fishing trips or quick one- to two-person outings. These smaller boats may often include accessories such as a trailer, and are perfect for the casual fisherman or someone who’d like to get their boat out on the water every once in awhile. Often powered with strong motors such as Yamaha, these are dependable and fun to cruise with.

Larger Craft

Look for larger craft, such as a V4, for family outings or larger trips. These larger motorboats usually hold several occupants (from four to six) and often have a small cabin in which to relax. These larger craft boats have strong, durable hulls and powerful engines, such as Suzuki or Yamaha. Both smaller and larger craft boats are often equipped with 2- to 4-stroke engines.

Commercial Fishing

Haines Hunter does feature a fair amount of boats that are perfectly adapted to small commercial fishing ventures. These boats will have a larger cabin, that can hold both occupants and a small crew, and will have a large, powerful engines. You may also find commercial boat engines within smaller or medium-sized crafts in order to provide the power you’re looking for within a cruiser in the body of a smaller boat.

Projects and Accessories

It’s always fun to choose a project boat or to don your boat with accessories. Project boats are often listed “for parts,” and are a great starter project for the weekends. When it comes to your finished boat, choose accessories that will make it fun to cruise in, such as a GPS and marine stereo. Depending on how you store your boat, you may also want to consider a trailer, if it’s not already included.