Hair Brushes and Combs

When your goal is flawless hair, every aspect of your hair care regimen is crucial. Hair masks, straightening and curling irons, and hair styling products may be the first items you would consider, but remember the basics, too. Many often overlook hair brushes and combs, but as these are something that you use every day, get to know their different types to get the best option for your hair. The choice depends on your hair type as well as what you are trying to do, whether you are just detangling your curls after a shower or trying to style them.

Common Comb Types

Combs may seem simpler to choose because you do not have to think about the different bristle types like with brushes. However, combs differ from one another, too. Wide-tooth combs are best for detangling your hair either in the morning or after taking a shower, as they help to avoid breakage. Pick up a rake comb for detangling if you have really long and frizzy hair. You would want a fine-tooth comb to style your hair and work on the hairstyle details. Use it slowly to prevent breakage. A rat-tail comb is a subtype of a fine-tooth, but its handle becomes useful when parting your hair or backcombing.

Brush Types

Rectangular or oval large brushes, paddle brushes do not add much volume, but are good at detangling, massaging the scalp, releasing natural oils for shine, smoothing, and flattening frizz. Curved styling brushes create volume at the roots and are perfect for adding waves when you use them with a hairdryer. Round brushes feature bristles all around their head and can shape your hair into any style.

Bristle Types

Natural bristles are much softer than synthetic ones, although also more expensive. The common material is boar bristles that smoothes hair cuticles and distributes the natural oils inside the strands of your hair. Although synthetic bristles do not create much static and are cheaper, they tend to break the hair due to being less flexible. However, synthetic ones detangle hair better, so a combination of natural and synthetic is a great option if you need both extra shine and detangling.

Hair Types

Choose a brush or comb depending on your hair type to achieve the best results. Styling hair brushes are great for any hair type and texture, while paddle brushes work best on straight hair. Round hair brushes, yet again, are compatible with all hair types and are especially good for blowouts. If you need some serious detangling, select a special detangling hair brush. Use natural bristles on fine hair and a mix of synthetic and natural on thicker hair.