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Hair Clippers & Trimmers

Hair Clippers and Trimmers

Theres no need to head to the salon every time you have a stray hair. In fact, hair clippers and trimmers make home grooming simple and fast. From general hair clippers to more specialised nose trimmers, theres a product for every hair type meant to ensure seamless everyday grooming for men. Shaving hair removal isnt the only option; there are other tech-savvy ways to tame unruly tendrils.

Let Your Hair Down

Clippers and trimmers help you keep your sideburns sleek and maintain your mane in between trips to the barber. Since clippers come with guards, there is little risk for mistakes, and cordless models make it easy for you to access your entire head. Some clipper features to look for include adjustable settings, easy-to-clean blades, and a powerful motor. A charging indicator light lets you know when your clippers are ready to use, and high-performance blades sharpen themselves for less maintenance.

I Moustache You A Question

Need a way to keep your beard sleek and smooth on an everyday basis? Beard and moustache clippers and trimmers dont sweat the small stuff. Created with various settings that range from clean-shaven to just the right amount of stubble, these trimmers tidy up facial hair to keep your beard and moustache just the way you like it. Guides ensure you dont trim too much, and cordless designs give you the flexibility you need. Choose a wet/dry trimmer if you like grooming in the shower, and opt for an easy-to-clean design for quick maintenance.

On the Nose

Nobody necessarily wants to talk about nose hair, so its best if its just not there at all. While you can purchase a beard and moustache trimmer with ear and nose attachments, you can also buy a separate tool solely for nose and ear grooming. These tiny tips fit inside your nostrils and safely remove hair in the most delicate areas of your face. They may also do double duty as eyebrow groomers.

Splitting Hairs

Get everything you need in one spot when you purchase a grooming set. Sets come with multiple pieces, including clippers, trimmers, shears, combs, and a storage case. A set is the most affordable way to buy necessary grooming supplies, and get extras too, such as blade oil, added guides and guards, and handy combs and brushes.

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