Hair Colouring

Hair Colouring Products

Whether you're hoping to cover grey hair or going for a new look, the right hair colouring products will help in achieving your goals. There are several options to choose from based on different types of brand and product. Then, you will want to choose the right shade and formulation based on your preferences.

Brands of Hair Colouring Products

You will want to consider the different brands of hair colour available. L'Oreal hair colouring is one name you may recognize while Manic Panic is a lesser known brand. Wella and Pravana brands that are popular.

Type of Hair Colouring Products

When choosing a hair colouring product, you'll want to consider how permanent it will be. You can select permanent hair colouring products, which will last until your hair grows out. A semi-permanent colour will last for several washings. If you select a wash-out hair colour, it will stay in your hair only until your next shampoo.

Shade for Hair Colouring Products

Another consideration is the shade of your hair colouring product. You may want to select something close to your natural colour, or you may prefer to experiment. Perhaps you want to go blonde or red. You can choose a shade lighter or darker than your natural colour for a different look. The tone matters as well, you must consider if you want a cool or warm tone. Using the right colour and tone will ensure the results are what you're looking for.

Formulation for Hair Colouring Products

Hair colouring products come in different formulations. You can find liquids, creams or gels. Powder products are another option. Many temporary colours use chalk if you just want to add a touch of different colour in your hair. For instance, you might wish to put a purple or blue streak.