A hair mannequin is ideal for both cosmetology students and professionals looking to hone their skills. Practice cutting, setting or braiding the hair. You can even use straightening or curling irons, as well as face makeup, on hair and makeup mannequins, which are often made with between 60% and 90% real human hair for a superior, realistic feel. These items are approximately 25cm high when mounted, with the face itself about 16cm long and 12cm wide. The head circumference will be approximately 53cm and the overall weight around 800 grams. The hair length varies greatly from about 52 cm up to 72cm, meaning you'll always be able to test out any new styles. To secure the item while you're working you will need either a table clamp or a tripod. The pole stand is not always included along with the clamp. Check the item description to see exactly what accessories you will receive with your head mannequin. You can find these hair mannequins in all sorts of different hair colours, but keep in mind the colours don't always match exactly how they might appear in the pictures. Want to buy a mannequin or multiple mannequins without hair so you can decorate them in fashionable accessories for sale through your business? You can pick up simple women's or men's head shapes made from styrofoam and place them on display using the stand provided. These mannequins are approximately 27cm high and 16cm wide. They are very lightweight and easy to carry.

Thinking of buying a mannequin head for hair styling practice and training or displaying wigs, hats and eyewear in your shop? Head to eBay and you'll find a big collection of mannequin heads either with or without hair, depending on what you need.

Mannequin heads with hair

Mannequin heads without hair

It is possible to buy training heads in packs of up to 10 individual mannequins. Find your head mannequins or full body mannequins on eBay today!