Hair perms add bounce to your bonce

If your hair is a bit lacklustre or lank, a perm gives tresses a new lease of life; whether you want to achieve tight ringlets, loose waves or natural-looking curls. Find a vast range of products to create, maintain, style, and neutralize hair perms on eBay.

Hair perm rods

If you're attempting perm hair at home rather than a salon, perm rods are an essential part of the styling kit. A perm rod may sound a little daunting but it refers to a small, straight object that you wind your hair onto in order to create a curl. Zotos offers a box set of rods with micro-spines for optimum hair gripping and easy wrapping. The wide rod slots mean you get a lovely, uniformed waving.

Hair perm home kits

If you want to create salon hairstyles without the professional price tag, investing in a perm home kit is a fun and affordable alternative. Naturally, curly hair is more suited for perms, but wavy or straight hair types are fine too. Grab an Ogilvie original home perm kit, which comes with all the products you need to achieve a curly perm. The B-4 pre-perm treatment prepares your hair for natural curls, while the after-perm conditioner locks in moisture and prevents frizz.

Styling couldn't be easier, even if you've got long hair; you can achieve a spiral perm without employing a professional stylist.

Hair perm neutraliser

Curling your hair involves several different processes that work together to create the chosen style. Shampoo is not necessary, though the hair should be clean before you begin. A perm lotion is applied first, then a perm neutraliser such as Lecher Keratin lotion is applied onto the coiled hair to fix the curls. Neutralizer is the key to achieving a healthy condition as well as protecting your hair from heat damage and environmental factors.