Wax where you want, when you want with professional wax warmers from eBay

Many people turn to waxing supplies for hair removal when they want to remove follicles from various parts of their body. Waxing can be much better than shaving or plucking with its numerous benefits such as smooth and even skin, no cuts, bruises, irritation or allergies and quicker hair re-growth to name a few.

Have you ever wondered how salons melt their wax and how it stays warm even after several minutes? Look no further as eBay brings you a great selection of professional wax warmers to help you with your body hair removal. Wax warmers are not exclusive to the spas and salons, as you can also get one in your own home.

Types of wax warmers

There are three types of wax warmers available – electric wax warmers, professional wax warmers and paraffin wax warmers.

Electric wax warmers are the most basic and most commonly used wax warmers. They come in different shapes and sizes. Obviously, electric wax warmers use electricity to melt or warm wax. However, you should be careful not to let any liquid seep into the electrical components of the equipment, as that can damage it. It should be maintained and cleaned regularly to make it last.

Professional wax warmers can usually be seen in salons for various purposes but can also be used at home. Professional wax warmers include single wax warmers which have one independent warming well, double wax warmers with two independent warming wells and quad wax warmers with four independent warming wells. They usually have the heating capacity standard of 14 to 17 ounces of wax cans and have various temperature settings.

Paraffin wax warmers are specifically designed for paraffin wax. Paraffin wax is used to soften the hard surfaces of the skin such as in hands, cuticles and feet. It is also used to relieve sore joints and muscle pain. Paraffin wax warmers are commonly used in spas and nail salons for this purpose.