Hair Rollers & Curlers

Hair Rollers and Curlers

If you’re getting sick of your current hairstyle and want to delve into something new, then getting a perm or rolling your hair may just be the thing for you. Each has their own methods, advantages, and disadvantages, but when done right, they transform your hair in wonderful and beautiful ways.

Perm Rods

Hair perm rods are versatile curling tools that letyou create a variety of curl sizes and styles. They are used with a chemical treatment to alter the structure of your hair so that they curl naturally. Manufacturers often colour code them, the most common configuration being grey, white, pink, orange, green, purple, and black, arranged in ascending order in terms of curl size. Users typically start with blown out hair and then use the rods in sections according to the desired style. They work for both digital perms and cold wave perms.

Hair Rollers

They say that getting a perm is the only good way to get those lovely textured curls you have always adored. The only thing is that they are often expensive, invasive, and require a lot of commitment. If you don't want to deal with that, then grab yourself some rollers. They are easy to use at home, they last a long while, and they often require little to no chemicals to achieve large, beautiful locks that will turn heads. Heated hair rollers achieve the curling effect by combining the structure-altering effects of heat and curling mixtures to temporarily change the way your hair settles down. Start by blow drying your hair and applying a heat-activated styling spray. Then you roll the heated foam with your hair and keep them in place with plastic rollers and hair pins. After allowing them to cool, remove the rollers and enjoy your new curly locks, but make sure to apply hair spray afterward.

Other Curling Products

Some heated rollers simply come in a bag, while others come packaged with their very own heating machine. Some expensive models include a variety of curler sizes so you can mix and match different sizes for a natural look.