The best shape for hairbrushes

There are many different shapes of hairbrushes to choose from, depending on your type of hair and what you are trying to achieve.

A paddle brush is a flat, rectangular brush that is made with a variety of bristles, from synthetic to boar hair.

Vented brushes are useful when quickly drying hair, the holes at the back allowing the hot air from a hair dryer to pass through to help speed up the drying process.

With a little bit of practise, a round brush can give you salon-like results at home for your blowouts.

The classic round hairbrush

Round brushes are made with metal or ceramic barrel, which heat up when used with a hair dryer.This allows this versatile brush to be used almost like a curling wand to create curls and waves of any sizes.You can shop for thin, narrow round hair brushes which are perfect for finer hair and creating tighter curls.Larger round hair brushes are designed for thicker hair and for creating more casual, beachy waves, but with practise almost any style can be achieved

The round hairbrush can also be used for men's styling.Partnered with or without a hair dryer, round hair brushes can be used to create a variety of styles for men, depending on their hair style and cut, weather loose waves, or even a gelled, structured hairdo.

Choosing a round brush with nylon or boar bristles as opposed to the classic copper or plastic can also help to retain style with your round hairbrush, which is something to look for when searching for your next round hairbrush online on eBay.