Hair Ties and Styling Accessories

Part of the fun of being female is using hair ties and styling accessories to create different looks. When used in conjunction with styling tools, such as a hair straightener or curling iron, the possibilities for casual or formal hair designs are endless. Get creative with hair ties of different types, or fun tools to create specific looks, and express yourself through your hairstyle.

Fit to be Tied

Used to create ponytails, pigtails, updos, and half-up, half-down looks, hair ties are the basis of everyday hairstyling. These must-haves come in different materials, including elastic rubber hair ties or fabric hair ties. Use different types of ties to create different looks. Snag-free fabric ties are comfortable to wear all day, while elastic ties create precise looks and hold them in place, like braids. Choose ties that match your hair and blend in, or colourful options that add fun to your look.

At a Good Clip

Get your bangs out of the way, create a formal half-up look, or sweep all of your hair up into a messy updo using hair clips. Available in a wide variety of colours, sizes, and designs, clips range from easy-open claw styles to slide-in metal clips. Plain or embellished with hearts or other decorations, clips shaped like bears and ponies are fun for little girls to use. Use sectioning clips when you dry your hair, or add volume with banana clips.

It's Magic

Ever wonder how celebrities create a perfectly round bun? Hair donuts, also called magic donuts or bun makers, are foam bun forms that allow you to create a flawless bun. You simply roll your hair up into the bun form, clip it into a circle, and create the bun shape you desire. These come in many colours and sizes for large or small bun styles, and you can combine them with other styling supplies to create more elaborate and detailed looks, including French twists and chignons.

Band Together

Headbands keep hair out of your face and look stylish, too. One of the most versatile types of styling accessories, headbands come in different widths, colours, and materials. There are patterned fabric headbands, stretchy yoga headbands perfect for exercise, and wide plastic headbands for a retro look. Combine a headband with a ponytail holder for a cute look, or mix and match thin headbands for custom styles. Headbands that match your hair blend in seamlessly, while colourful designs add the right finishing touch to any look.