Taking Care Of Your Hair With Hair Toners

If you regularly hit the salon for a cut and colour, then you are likely familiar with the ins and outs of hair toners. It's the not-so-secret ingredient to a successful hair treatment and what keeps brassy tones at bay when lightening hair and ensures you walk away with shiny hair and smooth colour. eBay has plenty of variety for you.

What is hair toner?

Hair toner is a hair product that is used following chemical bleaching, lightening, or colouring. It prevents brassy tones, and while it isn't just for bleach jobs, its effects are most noticeable when used on light hair. It adds a tone to it rather than lifting the colour. If you are going platinum, chasing silver, or opting for a pastel hairdo then toner will have a role to play.

A variety of toners to choose from

You can shop for a variety of hair toners specifically formulated for different colours and hair types. With so many variants to choose from, you need to know which one is right for you, so you should consult a colour wheel to be sure your choice will bring out the right tone. For example, if you want to chase brassy tones away, then a light ashy toner should help. Whereas if you dream of platinum locks, you will need an icy white toner to finish the job.

There is also a vast range of toner shampoos that will help you maintain your new colour after treatment. Shampoo and conditioner that contain toner will give your hair a refresh with every wash, ensuring you prolong the life of the colour. You can over-wash it, though, so keep it to a minimum of twice a week if you want your colour to last.

You can't do your hair without a great brush or comb, so don't forget to shop for the one that meets your needs. Once the job is done you will need some styling products before you're truly finished.