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Everything you need for your hallway

Looking for hallway furniture and décor to brighten up one of the most-used areas of your home? eBay has all of the answers for you right here!

How to decorate a hallway

Even though the hallway is quite small, there are many things you can do to make sure it looks great. It’s usually a high-traffic area in the home, so you want it to look good for yourself and your guests. The most common decorative items to use in the hallway are mirrors. Mirrors aren’t just a great decorative piece, because they make a space feel bigger. So, when you want to know how to decorate a hallway wall, mirrors should be your first consideration.

Aside from that, tasteful artwork is always good, although anything you hang on the walls should be appropriately sized. Huge paintings in a small hallway look out of place and make the area feel more cramped, so try to keep any decorations in proportion.

How to brighten a dark hallway

The hallway can be a dark place because there’s usually no natural light. However, there are plenty of options to keep the area well-lit. eBay offers a huge range of chandeliers and other ceiling light fixtures that are perfect for hallways. Another popular style is to use wall-mounted lights or sconces spread at equal points along the walls. 

Hallway storage ideas

Some hallways already have cupboards, such as a linen cupboard. However, if you need a little extra hallway storage, you’ll find the perfect items on eBay. If you want to know how to store shoes in a hallway, for example, you only need to look as far as the many fashionable shoe racks available right here. To avoid taking up too much space, look for multi-tiered racks that can run along the wall.

Hallway furniture

Even though the hallway is a narrow space in most houses, that doesn’t mean you can’t use furniture there. eBay has plenty of options when it comes to furnishing your hallway aside from the more common decorative mirrors and home organisation storage solutions. The hallway is a great place to install a small sideboard or side table, which gives you a surface for things like modems, keys and any home décor items that can enhance the space.

Shop online today, because when you shop with eBay, you’ll know exactly how to furnish a hallway with beautiful, affordable items.