Halogen Ovens

Perfect for whipping up a feast for just yourself or a couple of people, halogen ovens are tabletop units that give you a way of cooking without turning your main oven on. This can save you money, energy and they can cook things quickly. Top home brands like Salter, Russell Hobbs, NuWave and Klarstein all have models available, or you can buy an unbranded product.

Some are more powerful than others and come in varying sizes, ensuring that there's a halogen oven suited to kitchens of all sizes. Halogen ovens are typically clear, letting you check on your food without having to open the oven.

New items come in all shapes and sizes. If you're on a tighter budget, or you'd like to try out a halogen oven before buying a more expensive model, checking out the used products is a good starting point.

900-1199W Ovens

Generally, the wattage for all halogen ovens ranges from 900-1199W to 1200-1499w and up to 1500-1799W. Typical products in the lower power range include the likes of Salter's EK2386 AeroCook Pro Air Fryer with Halogen Convection, and the VonShef 7 Litre Halogen Oven Premium Convection Cooker 900W. These units are suited to smaller kitchens or those only looking to cook for one or two people.

1200-1499W Ovens

If you need a little more from your halogen oven, try looking at the 1200-1499W category. Examples include reconditioned Klarstein halogen ovens, and Russell Hobbs products complete with an inbuilt timer. These units are the perfect middle ground and great for those with a little bit more kitchen space.

1500-1799W Ovens

The 1500-1799W ovens are the perfect option for those cooking for a family with a larger space available. Choose from an Andrew James halogen oven with all accessories and light usage and a JML Halowave Aircooker Deluxe halogen with rotisserie.