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Interested in upgrading your favourite vehicle? Haltech Engine Management Systems help you get the most out of your vehicle's performance and creates the smoothest experience tailor made to your preferences. Haltech began in 1986 with father-son duo Steve and Bill Mitchell. Their systems are designed to be as universal as possible and include the ability to control single cylinder motorcycles to V8 racing cars and most engines in between. Haltech can control throttle body, multi-point or staged injection and naturally aspirated or turbo or supercharged engines. Interested? Good, come discover it on eBay. 

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An engine computer that is fully programmable to suit your individual engine setup? Perfect! Haltech is truly the option for you, search eBay for various systems, such as Control systems for custom conversion from carburetion to injection or systems that control fuel injection and ignition on modified engines. Haltech has been acknowledged for being the first in the world to develop engine management systems programmable in real time by personal computers, they make driving so fun the concept of driverless cars is painstaking! 

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