Ham and Amateur Radio Amplifiers

For those interested in electronics, ham radios offer a great outlet as a hobby. Amateur radio equipment is used for all sorts of reasons, from personal communication, to experimentation and teaching purposes. Ham and amateur radio amplifiers are used to increase the decibels of radio signals by adding more power. 

Types of Radio Amplifiers

Designed to amplify signals sent by ham radio transceivers, linear amps tend to fall into two categories, namely:

  • Tube Amplifiers: Also known as valve amplifiers, this traditional style of amplifier is often said to sound better but also be more finicky.
  • Solid State Amplifiers: Made with transistors, these electronics are said to be more versatile, smaller, lighter and more reliable. 

Features of Amateur Radio Amplifiers

Each piece of radio equipment comes with its own features and functions. Some features of radio amplifiers include:

  • Automatic Control: In this mode, an amplifier is constantly follows the transceiver and adjusts bands automatically.
  • User-Friendly Display: Featuring LED indicators with either an LCD or OLED display, ham radios are intended to be easier to use and give you all the information you need.