Hammocks offer a great way to sit back and relax in the comfort of your own backyard whilst adding a quirky touch to your garden and patio furniture. Refresh your indoor or outdoor living space to include alternative furniture, with a range of single and double options available. Options include sturdy and portable stands as accessories, in a variety of materials and styles suited to a range of interior and garden designs. Keep it traditional with a classic hammock design or go modern with a swinging hammock chair.

Double hammocks

A double hammock allows you to enjoy your hanging chair with friends and family too, or you just have more room for yourself! From cotton to nylon, fabric to polyester, the double hammock option is versatile and simply offers you more space.

Try a spreader bar to maximise the space on your hammock so that you can stretch out, or invite your guests to join you. On a double hammock, you might even be able to fit the whole family on.

Hammocks with stands

The essential accessory. Available in timber and steel frames discover a range of styles and statures to avoid the embarrassment of falling out of your hammock. If you are looking for something quirky, a hammock chair offers a trendy indoor or outdoor look that can be moved around your space. Take a look at wicker hanging chairs to create the ultimate bohemian, cosy experience in your yard and get the kids excited to be outside.

Portable hammocks

You can easily secure your hammock by hanging it with a hook and rope to a tree or using a sling. This style of portable hammock is fantastic for camping trips or summer barbies at your mates' house where everyone can get into the swing of it. Adjustable and easy to transport, these lightweight options can bring the fun to any party, anywhere. Turn up with a Mexican hammock style to stand out.