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Hammond Pianos, Keyboards and Organs

If you’re a serious pianist, organist or keyboardist, then you need a serious instrument just like any other dedicated musician. Fortunately, Hammond digital pianos and organs have your strenuous requirements covered. With a multitude of models and designs to suit your tastes and set list, your next purchase just might be a Hammond.


Hammond first began producing quality instruments in 1935, when their electromagnetic tonewheel system broke out from a popular church choice into mainstream music. Fast forward to 50 years later, when Suzuki bought out the brand in 1985, and the Hammond name still carries weight in the music world, so you know that buying a Hammond keyboard means tapping into that staying power. The rest, as they say, is history.


Hammond organs swiftly became a mainstay of jazz, rhythm and blues, rock and roll, progressive rock and even reggae. Famous bands from Deep Purple to Kansas, Genesis and the legendary Pink Floyd have all made use of the unique Hammond sound, which has left multiple Grammy Award-winning marks on the musical world.


There just isn’t anything quite like a Hammond piano or organ. The company struggled to accurately reproduce the sound for the digital age, which took several tries over many years before artists agreed the end result was comparable to the original product. Buying a Hammond music keyboard now means that you’re benefiting from that dedication to musical excellence and attention to detail.

Past and Future

The Hammond-Suzuki brand continues to strive toward new and better standards in digital instruments. Buying a Hammond piano keyboard or organ, whether new or antique, means being a part of that legacy. It’s a continuation of the past and a step toward the future, with every note played adding to the grand song that began in the dawn of the 20th century!