Hand Crimpers & Strippers

Hand Crimpers and Strippers

Hand crimpers and strippers are indispensable electrician and cable technicians tools. These industrial wire cable tools work efficiently to remove the insulation from the wires or cables to then crimp them with the necessary connectors for the job. There are many wire crimpers and strippers to choose from, and since they are relatively inexpensive, you’re welcome to try the best ones that fit your budget and needs.

Wire Strippers

Wire strippers range widely in complexity. Some are simple pliers with an assortment of teeth for various wire sizes. One good example is a wire stripper multi tool. It looks just like a pair of pliers, but on the nose end are various slots for different gauge of wire for stripping them, while at the opposite end near the handle, youll find crimping slots for network cable and insulated crimps. More complex ones may feature an adjustable length gauge that can strip thick 6 mm cables. It works by squeezing both ends of the wire to break the wire through tension, instead of cutting.


Multi tools are well and good, but if youre working on a project that requires large cables and crimps, then special crimpers are what you need. These are large pliers with clearance between the teeth for squeezing a crimp shut to fasten the wire tight without destroying the conductive strands. Choose a heavy duty pair of crimping pliers to crimp tube terminals or battery cable lugs if you’re doing automotive work. A ratchet crimping tool ensures you do not apply too much pressure and destroy the crimp. The internal ratcheting mechanism helps evenly apply force to two points, effectively securing the wire to the crimp.

Other Cable Tools

Strippers and crimpers are only some of the necessary tools for electrical work. Get other tools for any electrical project, such as a pliers kit with needle nose and blunt nose pliers, as well as an electrician’s screwdriver set with all the driver sizes and diameters you’d need. A complete crimp set is also ideal if you have a workshop that you need to stock. These include eyelets, female connectors, butt splicers, fork terminals, spade terminals, eye bolts, stake-ons and more so you have plenty of options for connectors.