Hand Sanitisers

Keeping safe and clean with hand sanitiser

Keeping clean and germ-free is the name of the game these days. There are more and more people around, using public spaces, handling money and shaking hands. You know what that means? More germs, more bugs and more colds and flu are flying around.

With so many opportunities to catch someone else's germs, you need to be on top of things and frequently sanitise to avoid getting sick. Carrying a hand sanitiser on your person, keeping one in the car, or your handbag is a simple solution to keep germs at bay.

Needed at home

Even though you might wipe surfaces and do your best to keep everything clean, germs can still appear. Unfortunately, germs are everywhere, and so a bottle of hand wash at home will never go amiss. Wash your hands before you cook or eat, after you use the bathroom, after you do some gardening or take out the trash. All of that will reduce the odds of getting sick.

Hand sanitiser zaps germs not dirt

There are some things to keep in mind when it comes to hand sanitiser though, which is that it can't actually cut through grime and dirt on its own. Scrubbing and cleaning is a requirement to make sure the hand sanitiser gets everywhere and zaps all of the germs. Also, be sure to read the label to see exactly what your hand sanitiser is promising to do. If it's antimicrobial, it'll kill some combination of bacteria, viruses and moulds. Antibacterial works against bacteria but only bacteria and disinfectants are used to wipe down surfaces and kill microorganisms like bacteria and viruses. An antiseptic is used for treating open wounds, which is something different entirely.

Good for outside too

Hand sanitiser is also great for when you’re in the great outdoors, and you don't just have a tap and soap readily available. In those cases, especially given that you tend to be a bit closer to the dirt when you're camping or hiking, it can be helpful to have a travel sized handwash on hand.


Kids are the ultimate germ carriers. They're digging in the dirt, racing around, sharing drinks and snacks, and half washing their hands when they're asked. Having a hand sanitiser nearby brings peace of mind to try and stop the germs spreading freely. Kids can freely pass germs amongst each other and then onto adults.

Kids should be encouraged to apply one quick dose of hand sanitiser before entering or leaving the house and in between hand washes and before eating. It's also great to have in the car on school pick-up before the snacks are doled out. You never know when the last time they managed to wash their hands at school! One of the scented hand sanitiser options normally goes down well and can help keep germs bringing colds and flu away.

Handbag and pocket-size friendly

It's always useful to keep a hand sanitiser on your person. In your handbag, back pocket, or a pocket-sized bottle in your sports bag, you never know when you might need one. An unexpected trip to the emergency room, coming in contact with someone with a cold, having to use a public restroom, needing to eat with your hands.

Travelling on public transport or flying can also be a hotbed of germs, people are sneezing, coughing and blowing their noses, particularly around flu season. You could be very grateful you remembered your hand sanitiser as a handy top up to freshen up and to keep bugs and infections away. It's an easy first barrier of defence and gives great peace of mind.

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