Pattern Your Thread With Hand Sewing Needles

Sewing machines have their place in modern society, but they can't replace hand sewing needles and accessories. They will never be able to replace needles for fixing buttons, repairing tears, or to apply patches. There is something therapeutic about sewing by hand, a skill that stretches back throughout history. If you prefer to do things the old-style way, you’ll find a range of hand sewing needs on eBay.

Hand sewing history

While the first officially recorded needle as we know it today was in the 1600s England, it goes back even further than that. In the 10th century, China was producing needles using new steel-making technology. Spain and Japan followed suit shortly thereafter before it eventually arrived on English shores. Long before this, Native Americans made use of agave plant leaves for use as needles, and there are examples of what were likely used as needles during the Bronze Age.

Bones were also commonly used as needles throughout the world, with evidence found in South Africa, Slovenia, and Russia.

A wide range available online

Like the wheel, sewing needles remain in constant use and while they have been improved they do not need to be reinvented. Even the best sewing machines still require a needle to operate. It's safe to say every home should contain a small sewing kit for emergency use. Beyond that, sewing remains a popular hobby across the world and if you’re shopping online, you’ll find plenty of needle types and sizes to choose from.

Whether you are looking for help threading needles, a case or organiser for your sewing needles, or the needles themselves, you will find plenty to choose from on eBay. Browse the site to find the products to meet all of your sewing needs. Remember to always read the descriptions before you buy, making sure you’re getting the products you need for your hand sewing fun.