Handcrafted Quilts

Handcrafted Quilts

There are few things more beautiful than a hand-sewn, handcrafted quilt. Quilting is an art form, and these pieces come in many colours, patterns and sizes to meet every need. Once passed down from generation to generation, quilts are still enjoyed by people of all ages for their delicate designs and meaningful, one-of-a-kind patterns.

Quilt Techniques

There isnt one way to create a quilt. In fact, quilters use a variety of techniques to make their masterpieces using scraps of fabric. Some of these methods include creating appliques, sewing blocks and English piecing techniques. Each technique creates a different-looking design, so you may want to choose a throw based on the technique used. Patchwork quilts are one of the most popular and common options, and they often have a charming and cosy look and feel.

Quilt Sizes

Handmade quilts come in a range of sizes, making them perfect for a variety of uses. These range from the smallest size, which is called a crib quilt, to larger sizes that would fit a king or queen-sized bed. Choose the quilt size depending on what youll be using the quilt for. For instance, if you are just looking for a comfortable throw blanket, a twin or full size would be appropriate, while a crib quilt would work well for a babys needs. A lap quilt is just the right size for tossing over your lap while you recline and watch TV.

Pattern Options

What sets each quilt apart from the others is its pattern. Some patterns to look for include the iconic Dresden Plate design, which looks like flowers, or a kaleidoscope pattern, which looks just as it sounds with multiple colours forming an eye-catching design. A nine-patch quilt uses squares made of nine smaller blocks, while diamonds, flying geese and bear-paw patterns are also well known for their intricate and beautiful designs.

Uses for Quilts

While many people use quilts for blankets, there are many ways to use and enjoy these handmade pieces created by skilled artists. Use smaller quilts as living room throws, while larger quilts can double as a bed doona or comforter. You can even display a favourite quilt on the wall and add a shabby chic look to any room. Quilts make great gifts and a good addition to any hope chest. Get creative and use a quilt as a table runner, or turn a smaller quilt into a wall hanger.