Handheld Blender: The Ultimate Kitchen Tool 

Handheld blenders, also known as stick blenders, are designed for easy use in any kitchen, whether you're a novice chef or a professional. They're affordable, smaller than traditional blenders, and they'll save you time at every meal. If you're looking for quality handheld blenders, you're in the right place with eBay.

Choosing the right handheld blender

  • There are so many benefits to hand blenders:
  • They’re lightweight so they're easy to use
  • There is no setup required, simply plug it in and go
  • They are compact which means they are easy for storage
  • They are convenient and can go anywhere in the kitchen (or around the home)
  • You can make many things with them, from soup to whipped cream, and even milkshakes

When shopping online consider the following:

  • The motor and power: between 200 and 250 watts are most effective
  • The cage that houses the blade - make sure there are gaps large enough for food to pass through, so it doesn't all get stuck at the end
  • The material: plastic or stainless steel are most common - stainless steel are more durable and will last longer
  • The levels of speed - some hand blenders have five or more speeds; others only have two (low end high)
  • The length and how it compares to your pots (is it long enough to reach the bottom?)
  • How easy it is to clean - Can you simply rinse it and let it dry, does it have a detachable blade that you can pull off to wash, is it dishwasher safe?

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