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Handheld/Outdoors GPS Units

Handheld/outdoors GPS units

Make sure on your next hiking expedition you are fully equipped with a handheld outdoor GPS unit. Reduce the risk of getting lost by knowing where you are and where youre going at all times. Remember, an outdoor GPS is not just for the seasoned hikers, sports GPS units are great for those into long distance running.

They are incredibly useful if you have to drive somewhere youve never been. Some can even display video footage or be connected to a camera.

Depending on what you need, you may need a slightly different GPS. If you simply need to just confirm your position in longitude/latitude in replace of a map or compass then the simpler and smaller size GPS will be most appropriate. Whereas, if you need to completely replace your traditional navigation tools with something which shows an on-screen map, then you will need something a bit bigger then a wrist watch size GPS unit.

Features to consider

One of the most important parts of a GPS unit is the type of maps included in the device. Many dedicated GPS units will come with space for additional maps to be downloaded later on with a specific map type for that devices purpose e.g. world maps or urban routes. So, whether youre looking to hike abroad or wander around the city, youll stay on track. Well-known brands include TomTom and Garmin.

GPS units remain the popular choice over using smartphones or tablets. This is because they have maps already downloaded into the device and dont require a mobile signal to use so if you get lost in the great outdoors your GPS device will be able to help you find your way again.

Not only that but you will most likely need your device to be waterproof to avoid any wet weather from affecting your journey which most GPS devices are. Plus, batteries can be easily replaced with GPS devices so you wont need to worry about running out of power, unlike your smartphone or tablet which isnt as easy to replace.

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