Handheld Pool Brushes and Nets

Brushes and nets are some of the most useful pool cleaning tools available. If you want to keep your pool clean and hygienic, simple pool products like these are essential.

What Do I Need Pool Brushes and Nets For?

Your pool filter works hard to keep your pool clean, but if you want to keep your water crystal clear you will also need to clean it by hand with specific cleaning supplies for pools. Different pool brushes have bristles made from different materials, not all of which are suitable for all pools. Vinyl and painted concrete pools should be cleaned with a nylon-bristled brush to avoid damage. Bare concrete can be brushed with a mixture of nylon and stainless steel. Gunite pools are tougher, so you can clean them with an all-steel brush.  Pool nets are for scooping leaves and other debris off the top of the water.

What Other Manual Pool Cleaning Options Are There?

Pool brushes and nets are easiest to use with a telescopic pole, so you get the reach you need to clean the bottom. You can also often use these poles with a pool vacuum. These connect to the pool filter to suck up debris quickly and efficiently.