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Handmade Bookcases and Bookshelves

Books have the power to inform, entertain and transport readers to magical worlds. But, it is also to easy for book collections to become messy. Investing in quality bookshelves is a great way to add order and style to your home, while making your beloved books a decor feature themselves.

Why Buy Bookcases and Bookshelves Online?

There are many advantages to buying bookcases and bookshelves online. For example, furniture shopping in traditional furniture stores can be very expensive. It can also be difficult to find truly unique pieces in these stores. Online, there are many high quality new and second hand bookcases sold at competitive prices. With home delivery available, shopping online can really save you money, energy and time.

What are Some of the Types of Bookcases Available Online?

One of the brilliant aspects of shopping online for bookcases is that there are many options to consider. This makes it easy to find the right furniture piece for even the smallest, or most unusual space. For example, why not consider a white, ladder or corner bookshelf and book display stand? Antique bookcases are also a cracker way to add sophistication and timeless charm to your home.

What are Some Different Ways to Style a Bookcase?

Here are some examples of the many different ways you can style bookshelves:

  • Children's Bookshelves: Create a beautiful children's reading nook by using playroom wall stickers to liven up their bookcase. This will encourage a creative and engaged approach to reading. You might like to also style the shelves with their favourite literary character toys, such as Peter Rabbit or Funko Harry Potter characters.
  • Colour Choice: You might like to paint your new bookshelves the same colour as your walls. This creates a lovely unified feel in a room. For a more temporary option, you can also decorate your bookshelves with wallpaper, coloured cardboard and wrapping paper. This is a particularly fun DIY project for families.

Magical Words: A pretty and personal styling option is to print out, or hand draw, quotations from your favourite books and authors and display these in decorative frames on your shelves.