Hanging Shoe Organizers

Hanging Shoe Organisers

Hanging shoe organisers are useful storage solutions. They are great for saving space and ensuring all of your shoes are in the same place. They also make it easy to find exactly the pair you are looking for and you can even organise them by style or colour to make it easier to coordinate outfits. Hanging shoe organisers come in a variety of different styles and materials so you can find one that suits your individual needs.

Over Door Hanging Shoe Organisers

Over door hanging shoe organisers feature hooks that go over the top of a door and hold the organiser in place. You can place one of these organisers on nearly any type of door except for sliding doors. Many over door shoe organisers feature small strips of rubber padding on the hooks so that they do not scratch the paint on the door.

Closet Hanging Shoe Organisers

Closet hanging shoe organisers commonly feature a hanger-like hook that you can hang from a tension bar or a coat hanger. Some of these organisers are double sided so you can put shoes on both sides of them. Some are single sided and designed to go against a wall or in the corner of a closet.

Hanging Fabric Shoe Organisers

Hanging fabric shoe organisers typically feature pockets that hold your shoes. Some of them have mesh pockets so you can see the colour of the shoes easily and some have clear plastic pockets that are completely transparent. These organisers are very lightweight which makes it easy to move them from one location to another.

Hanging Metal Shoe Organisers

Some Hanging metal shoe organisers feature metal shelves that hold the shoes and others feature many individual hooks that you can hang your shoes on. You can find this type of shoe organiser in many different colours. Some of them have a rustic look with decorative accents and others have a simple modern look that is more streamlined. There are smaller metal organisers designed to hold six pairs of shoes or fewer and there are some than can hold 10 or more pairs of shoes.