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Hard Drives for Microsoft Xbox 360

If you have had your Xbox 360 for a while, you may have picked up quite a few games, and as such, you find yourself in need of more storage space for your game installations and expansions. When investing in an Xbox 360 hard drive, consider a couple of key factors, including ease of installation, loading speed, and storage capacity. Lastly, in case you upgrade your console, keep in mind you may need to buy a separate Xbox One hard drive for compatibility.

Storage Capacity

For many players, the most important consideration is the amount of storage space. The Microsoft Xbox 360 doesn't come with a limit on external storage units, so the good news is that the sky's the limit. A common choice for most players are 500 GB Microsoft Xbox 360 hard drives, but if you need more space, you can go for up to 2 TB of storage.

Internal vs. External Storage

You can choose between internal and external storage when it comes to expanding the storage capabilities of your Xbox. Most players go for external drives because they offer more convenience in terms of installation, but you can also go with Microsoft Xbox 360 internal hard drives. Keep in mind, however, that internal hard drives are only suitable for consoles no longer covered by warranty because you will need to open it up to install them.

Power Sources

Some hard drives need a separate power source, so decide on this based on the free USB ports on your console. If you don't have a free USB port, opt for a hard drive that comes with a power cord or socket adapter you can connect separately. As a rule of thumb, the latter tend to be faster than those that rely on USB power.


Finally, consider the speed of the hard drive, which is measured in rotations per minute (RPMs). A fast hard drive has at least 5,400 RPMs, but you can also go for a hybrid or SSD hard drive that comes with a speed of 10K RPMs or more. With a faster hard drive, your games load and save quicker.

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