Make dog walks a breeze with harness dog collars

If you’ve ever tried walking an excitable dog who pulls on its lead, or even slips out of its collar, you’ll know it’s a struggle! Dog harnesses make the task so much easier, providing better support and security for your four-legged friend. Plus, some are even designed to stop your dog from pulling. Here’s why you should consider a harness dog collar today!

No more pulling

Some dogs are perfectly fine with a standard lead and collar. However, there are others who just get too excited at walk time, and it’s impossible to stop them from pulling you along. If that sounds like your pup, harness collars could be the solution you need. A dog harness is more like a vest, and many of them are made in such a way that your dog stops pulling so much on the lead. If you’ve tried everything else to stop the pulling, it’s time to try a harness.

Safer for your pup

With normal collars, if your dog pulls on the lead it puts a lot of pressure around its neck. Harnesses actually connect the lead on the dog’s back, not directly around the neck, so it’s a lot more comfortable. In addition, a harness is safer because it’s almost impossible for your dog to slip out of it like they can on a lead.

Easy to put on

Even though they look a bit more complex than your normal collar and lead, a dog harness is actually really easy to put on. Even for those pups who get super excited when it’s time for a walk, you just slip the harness over their head, and with one little clip under the belly, they’re ready to go. Of course, all harnesses are different, but the vast majority are designed to make life easy for dog owners. Plus, they come in plenty of sizes so you can find the right one for your dog. Most harnesses are also easy to adjust, so you’ll be able to make them as comfortable as possible for your furry friend.