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Since 1808, the Hartmann family have been pioneers in the field of medical solutions. They are world leaders in developing products that facilitate the treatment of wounds, incontinence and challenging skin conditions. 

Hartmann's flagship products were developed for the treatment of wounds, and over the years, they have led the world in research and development in wound treatment. All of their bandages contain the key ingredients, Hydro Tac®, which is unique in that it provides a moist inner layer to encourage healing, and a waterproof outer layer to protect the wound while still letting it breathe. The gel on the wound prevents the bandage from sticking to it, making removal very easy. This makes the healing process faster and smoother with less irritation. 

Hartmann is one of the most trusted names in providing quality care for sufferers of incontinence. Their incontinence products are highly absorbent, comfortable, and customised to individual needs.Their range includes pads for all levels of continence from light to severe, pull-ups for moderately weak bladders as well as elasticised pants and briefs for severe incontinence. 

Their skin care range includes hand and cream body lotion containing creatine, fatty acids, amino acids and almond oil, and is great for the treatment of aging and sensitive skin. And they're ideal to use in conjunction with Hartmann's other products to facilitate more rapid recovery. 

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