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Hasselblad Film Cameras

Hasselblad film cameras have been everywhere you can imagine: the Apollo astronauts even took Hasselblad medium format film cameras to the moon. All those famous space pictures from that era were the products of Hasselblad cameras, and while you can't easily find cameras with that pedigree, you can find cameras with the same quality.


Founded in Sweden in 1941, Hasselblad cameras built a well-deserved reputation for both performance and quality. These handmade cameras feature ergonomic design so they fit naturally in the hand so you can be comfortable taking pictures no matter what the situation. While most low-end film cameras are long since gone, the high end like Hasselblad has retained its value.

Medium Format Film

Superb lenses are only part of the reason for Hasselblad's success, the other is the company's choice of medium format film. Although many people swear by the quality of 35 mm film, medium format film is actually better. Medium format 6 by 6 film features over four times the surface area of a standard 35 mm image. That not only gives you higher resolution, but also less perspective distortion for better quality pictures.

Rangefinder Cameras

Many Hasselblad cameras feature rangefinders instead of single-lens reflex designs. The advantage of Hasselblad rangefinder film cameras is that they provide higher image quality than SLR cameras because they lack the mirror arrangement. They are also smaller and lighter, which can make a difference with larger film sizes. Unfortunately, they are also more delicate than SLR cameras. The one big limitation is that they don't let you see exactly what the camera does because you aren't looking through the lens.

Hasselblad Cameras

Hasselblad film cameras are a great choice for serious photographers. Medium format film lets you get the most out of every image and really sharpen your skills as a photographer. They are an investment as much as anything, not just a financial investment but an investment in your photographic career.

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