Get Hasselblad cameras and accessories for great prices on eBay 

Hasselblad cameras are often ranked as one of the top 10 most expensive in the world. With some models costing over $45,000 brand new, the premium photography brand has a reputation for high standards and even higher prices. But it doesn't have to be that way if you shop on eBay. Find hundreds of used, new, rebuilt and vintage Hasselblad cameras right here at your fingertips for less than you might think. 

Hailing from Sweden, Hasselblad set the standard for luxury cameras worldwide. You can own a slice of luxury for less with Hasselblad digital cameras, film cameras and associated accessories like viewfinders and lens filters here on eBay. One of Hasselblad's most impressive recent releases is the X1D, which boasts a 50-megapixel format as well as cool features like wireless capability, high-definition video and GPS. Despite its impressive talents, the camera is lightweight and perfect for travel. Other models, like the XPan, 503 ELX and 503 CW can also be found on eBay. 

Alternatively, if vintage cameras are more up your street, try searching for a 500 EL/M film camera, perfect for recreating that retro feel in your photos. Add to your Hasselblad collection with a great selection of viewfinders, eyecups, lenses and focus handles listed online. These tools are imperative in getting the best use out of your Hasselblad camera. 

If your bank account can't stretch to the $45,000 price some Hasselblad models currently retail for, eBay has you covered. Set your own price range to only see budget-friendly items or buy a pre-owned camera.