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Havaianas have been around since the 60's and are well known as the essential summer style for everyone, anytime, and anywhere, made from summer and made for summer.

Havaianas are a summer staple that embodies a carefree simplicity and are very well-known for their comfort, durability, and very affordable price point. Their designs are infused with an instantly recognisable playfulness with a rainbow of hues to cater to everyone's preference, and the. The slip-on design and casual style of these infamous thongs, which have been crafted using Brazilian rubber of the most premium quality, are versatile enough to last through many sunny seasons of hot balmy nights and summery beach days.

Havaianas, which means "Hawaiians” in Portuguese, are the globally-recognized thongs which have been kicking around now for well over 50 years. Known for their vibrant palette of colours and laid-back personality, Havaianas are easily the most popular flip-flops in the world and have become the essential go-to summer footwear for millions.

Simply by slipping on a pair of Havaianas, you are sure to feel the happiness and joy of purely being yourself. Comfortable, stylish, and most of all durable, Havaianas are an iconic brand built around spontaneity, who truly believe that simplicity and style should always walk hand in hand.

Global Reputation

Havaianas has a global reputation today, yet the history of the brand traces back to much more humble beginnings in 1962 Brazil, when they were initially called "Palmilhas con Forquilha” or "Soles with Forked Straps”. A Scotsman named Robert Fraser was inspired to create a rubber sandal that was similar to the practical design and simple construction of the traditional zori shoes from Japan. Robert was producing the now-iconic rubber designs by 1958, and finally went on to trademark the brand name in the year 1962.

The iconic brand are manufactured using quality Brazilian rubber that gives the rubber soles a texture like grains of rice, one of the design details that makes them so unique. Havaianas have a wide range of footwear available for the whole family: men, women, children, and even months-old babies.

Havaianas were originally only available in the now infamous colours of blue bottom and white top, until their factory has a production error that led to them selling green and white pairs. These became so popular that Havaianas released pairs in yellow, brown, and black, which eventually led to every colour imaginable, as well as their highly coveted printed styles.

Havaianas have even had many moments in the spotlight on the high-fashion runways of the world, when they were used in shows by French designer Jean Paul Gaultier. Soon after, Havaianas began working with some of the most popular brands and designers from all over the world. And then Havaianas made their debut on the runway at New York Fashion Week in 2018, thanks to Havaianas' resurgence of popularity amongst social media influencers and editors who attended the European fashion shows. Luxury designer Dion Lee from Australian sent his models down the runway wearing Havaianas as a part of his Spring Collection in Soho. Then 2019 saw a collaboration between Havaianas and Saint Laurent, the Luxury French fashion powerhouse as they created a limited-edition release of a pair of co-branded thongs.


Did you know that there was a trend in the early 1990's where people began flipping their Havaianas so that their white soles were upside down and they have thongs of a single colour? It was after Havaianas observed this trend that the manufacturer introduced styles of single colours, and also launched their first ever printed style of flip flops that featured the insanely popular hibiscus flower. They went on to create many more printed designs offer the following decades, with new colours and other new product developments, including designs for babies.

These days there are over 300 different styles of sandals, things, flip flops, & footwear available in a rainbow of colours, from their now infamous standard colours, all the way up to custom-made pairs embellished with Swarovski Crystals. The Special Collection Havaianas featuring the crystals or details like metal meshes have all been expertly hand-sewn by artisans located in Northeast Brazil, so you are sure to find a pair that suits your needs.

Choose from thongs in classic shades of black, white, or navy blue which can easily be paired almost with any outfit, or you can opt for boldly vivid hues along with colour-blocked designs which may employ subtle embellishments that can really turn your basic sleek flip flop into a real statement piece. You can always count on Havaianas to be there for you with a fresh take on a warm weather summer days classic.

Brazil Havaianas

Originally launched to celebrate the '98 World Cup, the "Brazil” style with green top, bottom, and strap with a small Brazilian flag, which are one of the most recognizable styles that have remained extremely popular to this day.

Slim Havaianas

Women everywhere love the Havaianas "Slim” style with its thin, delicate strap, as well as their timeless prints of hibiscus flowers, while children often sport Havaianas printed with their beloved Disney characters.

Havaianas Soul

Brazilians are lucky enough to wear Havaianas all year round thanks to their constantly warm weather, but there are many other countries around the world who are not as fortunate. So Havaianas decided to launch the Soul Collection in 2010, which is a range of espadrilles and casual shoes with the much loved and traditional Havaianas sole incorporated into the bottom of the sneakers.

The simple design of this Brazilian footwear creates a footprint that everyone will always want to leave trailing behind them. Browse the wide variety of classic and rare Havaianas in styles for men, women, children, and even babies and you will be sure to find your new favourite pairs. Check out the wide range of Havaianas available on eBay, because there should always be at least one pair of Havaianas tucked away in your closet ready for those summer days and balmy nights.

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