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Hayward Pool Filters

Germ free and cool with Hayward Pool Filters

Hayward are magicians when it comes to their pool filtering technology, their filters are designed to ensure that your swimming pool achieves a high level of clarity, freshness and safe swimming water. The engineering of Haywards Pool Filters have been designed with such fastidious attention to detail, meaning that you can rely on their pool filters to make your swimming pool germ free.

How do Hayward Pool Filters work?

Water is drawn out from your swimming pool using a Pool Pump, which then leads the water to your pool filter, allowing the water to be cleaned, removing the debris and killing bacteria, before circulating the water back into your swimming pool. Haywards pool filters are simple to operate, you can shop based upon the filtration area, which is the size of your swimming pool. You have the option to purchase a specific filter dependent upon whether you would like to filter out specific things like sand, or removing particles as small as two microns! Haywards range of filters provide efficient flow and distribute water evenly allowing for long lasting performance.

What other products do Hayward offer?

Hayward offer various white good products, such as suction outlets, skimmers and water circulation components, which can ensure that your swimming pool will be safe and clear of harmful bacteria. If you would really like to show off and spice up your swimming pool, why not check out the range of Haywards Pool Equipment and Parts on eBay for a truly broad selection of equipment. Haywards hold a range of swimming pool lights which are illuminate your swimming pool internally providing a wonderful light display and allowing you to display crystal clear water, with quality controlled products.