Head Body Massagers

Head and Neck Massagers

Muscles require movement, so both sitting or standing for a prolonged period of time makes them tense up. The head and neck area is especially sensitive and it takes in a lot of stress if you work a desk job. Head and neck massagers are therapeutic devices that help relieve that stress and restore normal blood flow in the surrounding tissues. Choosing one will require some careful consideration of your daily habits and preferences.

Amateur vs. Professional Use

The massager is an electronic device that mimics the therapeutic hands of a massage professional. Still, applying pressure to knots and tired muscles requires a bit of knowledge, so some of the home use models might require a professional operator. If you are not a professional and plan to do the massage on your own, stick to the models labelled for amateur use. Professional massagers might prove to be too complex to operate and you can even hurt yourself by improperly applying the massage therapy.

Shiatsu vs. Percussive

The two main styles of massage are shiatsu and percussive and there are massagers which can mimic them both. Shiatsu head and neck massagers create the authentic rotating motion using the movement of rollers, while the percussive ones use a more general vibrating and percussive sensation.

Corded vs. Cordless

One of the main choices you will have to make is between corded and cordless models. Neck massagers that apply heat are usually corded, as the power required to generate heat is greater than the one a battery can deliver. If you go for the corded model, keep in mind that neck massagers require a longer cord than back massagers. Sitting or standing, the head is further away from most outlets, so make sure that the device comes with enough cord for comfortable use. Also, do not forget that there are massager models which do not need any electricity.


Additional things to consider is whether the massager requires active operation. Some massagers require an operating had while other can be installed around your neck. Pay close attention to the controls as well. Massagers can have several modes and speed settings, so make sure you find one that offers diversity but is also easy to operate.