Headband Hair Extensions

Headband Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are not just used by people who wish they had fuller hair but also by people to create more styles and looks. Investing in a good set of hair extensions can exponentially increase your style quotient and give you much more options to style your hair. Headband hair extensions are an easy to use form of hair extensions which don’t take time to set up and once they are set, they glide on seamlessly with natural hair. Headband hair extensions have an invisible headband attached to the base that disappears once the extensions blend with the natural hair.

Types of Hair Extensions

There are different types of hair extensions available in the market. Some of the famous types of extensions are clip on hair extensions, tape hair extensions, glue hair extensions, headband hair extensions and wefted extensions. Out of these hair extensions, headband hair extensions are quickest and easiest to put on without any hassle.

How to use Headband Hair Extensions?

To put on the headband hair extension, slide on the extensions onto your hair, put the headband over your head at a position which seems feasible to you as per the hair length required (on the crown of the head) and smooth out the hair around the invisible and thin headband. Since the colour of the headband is invisible, it will not be noticeable at all. You can also put on two headband hair extensions to give more depth and volume to your hair.

How to style hair with Headband Hair Extensions

When purchasing headband hair extensions, it is advised to purchase a colour that is closest to your natural hair. Human hair extensions have made purchasing colours close to your natural colour extremely easy. You can also purchase headband hair extensions in highlights or in a different tone. Using a pair of hair extensions in different colours will add more depth to your hair and give an ombre effect. Once the hair extensions are set, you can style your hair in whatever way you want, be it a braid, a braided bun or a ponytail.