Headboards & Footboards for Beds

Nothing adds sophisticated luxury to a bedroom like a designer headboard. But, headboards are more than an attractive addition to your bedroom décor, they also happen to have some practical advantages as well. Bed headboards can act as a thermal buffer against a cold wall, while padded headboard styles can offer comfort while sitting up in bed. Want to find out more? Lets take a look.

Combining Support with Style

Love your comfortable old bed but want to refresh your bedrooms look? A new headboard could certainly do the job. With a stylish range of designs available, a headboard can create focus within a room, allowing you to add interest without spending too much money. Choosing the right headboard can also provide the support you need when sitting up in bed. Whether its a lazy Sunday morning reading the paper in bed, or a cold winter evening tucked up with a book and a mug of hot chocolate, the right headboard can provide all the support you need.

Living by the Principles of Feng Shui

If you believe in the principles of feng shui, then having a bed headboard is a must. Feng shui experts state that having a headboard on your bed promotes strength and confidence in daily life. This comes from the fundamental need within the human psyche to feel that we have support behind us. This need is hardwired into our DNA, and is a legacy of our Neolithic beginnings.

Perfect Comfort

Another reason to opt for a headboard is the comfort they provide. This is especially true of padded headboards. Check out eBays extensive range of styles to discover padded headboards with fabric and suede coverings, along with metal and wooden headboards as well. If youre unsure about the look you want to achieve, eBay isnt just a great place to shop, its a fantastic place to get ideas. So, if youre not sure whether you want a sensual love nest or the look of a five-star boutique hotel, eBay can help you decide. From bed frames and mattresses, to headboards and bedding, eBay is a one-stop-shop for all your bedroom décor needs.