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Look after your family’s health with forehead thermometers

When you think about health care for your family, one of the items you should always have on hand is a thermometer. For a modern solution, many people choose forehead thermometers for their speed, accuracy and versatility. So, if you need a quality thermometer for your home, start shopping right here on eBay.

Fast readings

One of the great benefits of a forehead thermometer is the speed at which they deliver a reading. Most thermometers only take a second or two to produce a digital reading, giving you instant results. It’s certainly a lot quicker than holding a traditional thermometer under your tongue, never really sure if it’s been there long enough. Simply hold the thermometer up to you or your patient’s forehead, and you’ll get an accurate reading almost instantly.

Improved accuracy

With a fast, digital reading also comes better accuracy. As we mentioned, the old way of putting a thermometer under your tongue or armpit isn’t the most accurate way of checking temperature anymore. That’s mainly because you’re never really sure how long to leave it there. Traditional thermometers take time for the mercury to rise, slowing down the process and potentially risking inaccurate readings. Going digital makes sense because even a couple of degrees can make all the difference.

Great for other uses

If you’ve got little ones in the home, you’ll definitely need a thermometer. Babies can’t speak to let you know what’s wrong, so it’s essential to check their temperature if they seem unwell. However, forehead thermometers are also great for checking the temperature on milk bottles, because they take a fast, accurate surface reading.

Contactless solution

While other types of thermometers work fine, such as ear or mouth thermometers, you always need to ensure they’re clean. In some cases, this even means having a supply of disposable one-use attachments. This is because they make contact with parts of the body, and need to be kept sterile. Forehead thermometers, however, provide a contactless solution so you never have to worry about disposable parts or cleaning.