Medicine and Science Equipment Supplies

There is a vast array of the many different kinds of medical and science equipment and supplies that are available. Depending upon your need and use, there is just about every type of medical or science-related item you could think of. Lab equipment is readily available as well depending upon the type of testing and experiments that would take place. Some of the more common items can be found through wholesale retailers or even drug stores, however the more specialised supplies and larger equipment can be found through the manufacturer’s that produce the equipment you are looking for.

Science and Lab Equipment

Many types of equipment that are commonly used in a lab span many areas of the sciences. Some of the medicine and science supplies that you find within labs include goggles and other safety equipment such as extinguishers, beakers, conical flasks, boiling flasks, microscopes, test tubes, funnels, watch glasses, crucibles, graduated cylinders, droppers, pipettes, burets, tongs and forceps, thermometers, digital scale and balances, and bunsen burners. Many of these items are used for experiments within a lab or used to test various tissues, samples and liquids. Because many of these are used frequently and for multiple purposes, it is key to have many of these common items on hand. Other larger science equipment that can be found includes sterilizers, centrifuge, incubators, ovens, freezers and orbital shakers.

Medical Supplies

Whether it’s in a lab or medical office, there is some basic medical equipment that everyone should know what they are and have on-hand. Some of these supplies include cpap supplies, syringes, catheters, guidewires, medical tubing, blood pressure monitors, IV sets and bags, speculums, medical scissors, forceps, reflex hammers, single-use medical procedure trays, stethoscopes, defibrillators, swabs, tongue depressors, cotton balls, antiseptic wipes, sponges, splints, bandages, ointment, crutches and canes, thermometers, medicine cups, aspirators, medical linens, and medical pumps. The list is endless of everything that is included under the category of medical supplies. Depending upon the type of lab or medical office, certain equipment may not be necessary while others would be a requirement.