Heat Packs

Getting older comes with a dozen of little aches that sneak up on you over the years. One day you can sleep on a friend’s couch with no problems, the next you wake up unable to stand up straight for the first ten minutes because you slept a bit funny. Most people, most days, those little aches are easy to deal with, but sometimes they get to be too much. After a walk, your first yoga session, or as you’re recovering from knee surgery, you might want some way to alleviate your pain without reaching for the painkillers. Heat packs can help with cramping and muscle aches, and provide comfortable warmth.

Bringing the Heat

Heat packs are simply bags made of a strong cloth that can resist heat and the microwave, filled with a heat-retaining substance. The most common substances are wheat and rice, but you can also find a lot of heat packs that are filled with a heat-retaining gel. More exotic materials include oil and lotion, and you can also get heat packs that are filled with herbs and grains that are commonly used in aromatherapy and herbal medicines to promote relaxation and healing. These heat packs can also help with skin conditions like psoriasis, rather than just muscle and joint aches.


Muscles and joints all over your body can begin to ache from injury or just plain old age. You can get heat packs shaped specifically for certain parts of your body, such as packs shaped like neck pillows for, you guessed it, your neck and shoulders. Others are shaped like kidney belts to provide support for those reasons, but most of them are fairly plain rectangles for easy use on your back and knees, and wherever else you might need.

Other Ways

Heat packs are most effective when combined with other alternative treatment methods, so consider combining a heat pack with aromatherapy for general relaxation and acupuncture supplies to target pain and cramping in specific parts of your body.