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While gigantic cranes can help create tall buildings, small applications like warehouse work require smaller cranes to do an effective job. From lifting crates to hoisting up engines and other heavy but vulnerable materials, cranes make for indispensable tools in the modern workplace.

Hydraulic Lifts

Hydraulic crane lifts, hoists, and jacks work by lifting heavy materials off the ground with hydraulic cylinders. They use plungers and a suction valve ball to move oil through a two-cylinder assembly and employs check valves to keep the oil in one area. As the plunger moves oil, the cylinder rises and produces the force required to lift a heavy load. These tools are extremely common in garages and workshops because they use simple mechanisms to accomplish a formidable job. While jacks are portable, hoists are bolted to the ground and can suspend extremely heavy objects with ease. Hoists can use different power sources, like hydraulics, electricity, or can be pneumatically driven.

Heavy Machines

Heavy machinery can also perform lifting functions. Forklifts are indispensable in any warehouse. These machines are among the heaviest but smallest of heavy machinery and contain counterweights at the back for extra stability when lifting heavy loads at the front. They are very manoeuvrable and use a rear-wheel steering design. Skidsteer loaders are bulkier that forklifts but can transport heavy loads of material like gravel, oil, and sand while their all-terrain tyres or tracks help them conquer any rugged obstacle.

Mini Cranes

Mini cranes come in some interesting designs. The most common ones feature cranes on top of treads or wheels, which allow the machine to be manoeuvred in tight spaces. The cranes also have multiple attachments to suit many uses. A mini crane can use a suction cup attachment to safely install glass wall panels, for instance. Unique designs include the spider cranes whose legs can be deployed when in use to provide stability from all angles but can be folded inward and transported using the incorporated tracks.