Heavy Duty Gazebos


During the warm climate months, enjoy the elements while sitting outdoors. Gazebos are a great gathering spot and are adaptable to many situations. You can use them for shelter, events, decoration or many other activities. Spark your imagination and picture the perfect outdoor structure, and then execute the plan by building it. There is a backyard structure that will fulfill all your needs no matter how few or many.

Metal Gazebos

Metal gazebos are a great way to provide temporary shelter for an upcoming activity or event. Kits Include extruded metal posts, metal framing and hardware. The structure is lightweight and easy to put up and break down. These often come with a nylon top cover that can come in a variety of colours and designs.

Wooden Gazebos

A wooden gazebo can be as creative as your imagination allows. Look for wooden kits that come with precut wood components and hardware. Add decorative elements that will make this wooden structure unique. Find design ideas online for inspiration. Get started on building that dream wooden masterpiece, and enhance the rest of your yard by adding landscaping and pathways.

Glass Gazebos

Glass gazebos are a wonderful addition to any yard or garden. There are many ways to design and build these structures. With decorative elements, you can make this backyard build your own work of art. There will need to be extra consideration for construction, though. Engineer this small building with the right foundation requirements to keep your structure stable and long lasting.

Thatch Gazebos

Thatch gazebos will transport your outdoor experience to places like the tropical Pacific island of Bali. Building a structural thatch hut is a good way to bring the tropics to your backyard. There are many kits online to choose from. Go a step further, and add a set of bamboo patio furniture to make your backyard paradise complete.