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Heavy Machinery Augers

Heavy Machinery Augers

Augers have existed since the 1400s and were used to drill holes on soft materials like wood, but are most effective as hole-boring devices today. Their tips consist of a feed screw that digs up the soil and a cutting lip that breaks up the dirt for easier transport up the shank. The twist acts as a conveyor that brings the soil up into the surface for disposal. This efficient system achieves fast boring for installing posts and fences as well as digging deep foundation piles in construction sites.

Post Hole Digger Attachments

Heavy machinery hydraulics on equipment like tractors and skid steers can mount auger attachments for heavy-duty drilling jobs. Augers are available in a variety of lengths and diameters. They mount onto earth drills or auger drives, which connect to the tractor’s hydraulic power delivery systems to rotate a large hex bit. When using a post hole digger attachment, slowly drill into the ground until the last twist is barely visible. Lift the auger out and reverse to a spot where you want to pile the dug-out soil, and reverse the auger rotation to shake off the dirt. Repeat the process until you have achieved the desired depth.

Heavy Machines

Smaller, man-size versions of augers are also available for light to moderate hole-boring jobs. There are petrol-powered machines with two handles for stability. A small auger drive is mounted in the middle of the machine onto which an auger bit is attached. You can use the same process outlined above when digging your post holes. These machines are generally designed in such a way that replacing parts is easy. Shop heavy machinery parts for augers to help them stay in top shape for years more of use. You can also get teeth packs for your auger bits in case they become worn from heavy and frequent use.

Auger Drives

Inside the auger drives are planetary gear systems that output enormous amounts of torque to rotate the bit hard. Powered with hydraulics, they come in small to large scales to accommodate light or heavy use. Heavy-duty auger drives can achieve max torques of 15,600 Newton-metre of torque at 24,000 kPa, thereby making quick work of even the most densely packed earth.